9 Gift Ideas for the Homesteader at Heart

Do you have someone on your gift list who loves to make, bake, grow, raise, cook or forage…basically anything DIY? I have pulled together 9 gifts ranging from under $10 to over $200 to meet any budget that are unique and useful.

#1 Wall-O-Waters

Every gardener working the soil in a cold climate wishes they had a few more weeks of the growing season. These little green water filled tents called Wall-O-Waters create a lovely little microclimate for seedlings to thrive outdoors 6 WEEKS EARLIER than normal! This is the type of gift the person receiving it might not even know they want, but you’ll get a call in the spring with an amazed love one praising your gift giving skills!

3 Wall-O-Waters in use at the Crow Homestead

#2 Fleece Lined Jeans

The gift of warmth and comfort is always a good bet. I love fleece and flannel lined jeans like these as they are so practical. You get the cozy material inside with the durable and functional denim on the outside. When it is cold but you have to get things done this combo is perfection!

#3 Mason Jar Fermentation Lids

This is on my gift list this year I would love a dozen of these guys! I think small batch fermentation is so practical and approachable. It would be wonderful if my garden produced 40 lbs. of cabbage all at once to fill a big old crock, but in reality it ripens a bit at a time. These fermentation lids enable making all sorts of fermented creations from little harvests (or trips to the farmers market)

#4 Harvest Basket

The act of gathering food and medicine in the garden or foraging in the woods can be a moment of true beauty and having a lovely vessel to put that harvest is essential. The most important trait is how it functions. I like a large and strong basket with a high handle when I am in the garden. When I am foraging in the woods I like a basket like this I can strap to my back when I’m crossing difficult terrain that will ensure nothing gets crushed. This is a great option to find in antique or thrift stores for those of you having a green Christmas this year.

My garden harvest basket

# 5 Mushroom Spawn

Mushrooms are a universal option; vegans, vegetarians, carnivores, city dwellers and homesteaders alike all love these edible and medicinal organisms. I recommend getting a certificate as there are many options when selecting mushroom spawn and it can be overwhelming to make the selection for someone else. I used Forest and Forest Products as they were in my region.

# 6 Cast Iron Dutch Oven

A solid dutch oven is the king of the kitchen. This bad boy can serve so many different functions. On the Crow Homestead we bake bread, slow cook meat, make bone broth, fry foods and cook pasta all with this one glorious device. I like the cast iron version as there is almost no way to damage it. Even if you let it rust you can bring it back with a little elbow grease. This is another great option to find in second hand stores to make your gift very environmentally friendly.

#7 Homesteading Reading Materials

I have learned everything about homesteading from books and magazines as well as a LOT of trail and error. I remember reading Mother Earth News and Back Woods Magazines while living in an apartment and dreaming of this lifestyle. A gift certificate to a local bookstore is also a nice so the person can find what suites their knowledge and interests the best.

# 8 Donating

Some families and companies have a wonderful tradition of making donations in someone’s name for their gift exchange. I really love the idea of self sufficiency to help lift people out of poverty and there are many organizations like Oxfam that have good programs that offer everything from a herd of goats to honey bees.

#9 Mukluks

Warm feet is the cornerstone of comfort and this is only one option I know of guaranteed to keep those toes warm in the dead of winter. They are very expensive footwear, but they will last a lifetime ( just don’t put them too close to the fire and melt the bottoms like I did)

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