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5 Things to Help You Get Ready for the Holidays

….especially if you aren’t ready to start the holidays quite yet!

It seems like there are two types of Americans these days – those that decorate for Christmas starting November 1st, and those that get mad that people start decorating on November 1st.  I happily exist in the first group, while Mr. Peach is deeply entrenched in the second.  Therefore, without trying to suffocate him with my holiday cheer, I do little things to prep and start my holiday season.  Which got me to thinking that the few weeks between Halloween and Thanksgiving are the perfect opportunity to do some things in preparation for the big show.  Items that seem fun or even make you feel at the top of your game, when done now, but make you frustrated or harassed when done just a month from now.

So, don’t delay!  Knock this stuff out in the next two weeks and you will feel amazing come December.  Or, at the very least, you will have these things done.

  1.  Clean out the pictures on your phone.  It happens every year.  Darling Bertha is the head lamb in the school play and 30 seconds into her performance, your phone tells you that you have no more space left.  You frantically start deleting things in the hope that you can get enough space to record Bertha’s one baaa.  Spare yourself this, please.  Take 20 minutes and scroll all the way to the oldest photos on your phone and delete.  Delete those 45 photos your kid took of himself while your were waiting in line at Target.  Delete the screenshots you took 4 years ago and can’t remember why.  Make a goal – 10% of the pics you have right now, or 100 or 1000 pictures.  You can do it!  Best thing – you can do this ANYWHERE.  Pick-up line at school, gymnastics, bed…
  2. Visit Pinterest.  Maybe find a new cookie to make this year, or find some inspo for your tree.  Create a new board of “2018 Christmas Favorite Recipes” so that you can go back and remake these again later.  Go through the boards you already have and delete stuff you don’t like anymore.  Again, make a goal.  Clean out your 3 biggest boards or hell, delete 5 boards you never look at anyway!  AND ONCE AGAIN – you can do this anywhere!!  If inspiration is what you crave, Lin and I both have Pinterest boards, if you are interested.  Or maybe  cookies are more your jam?  One stop shopping right here, people.
  3. Sort out your Christmas cards.  I do very elaborate Christmas cards and love it, however, I am a terrible procrastinator and am oftentimes mailing cards out the 23rd.  Let’s all get our acts together this year and sort this out NOW!  Visit the site you usually order from, look around and decide what you like.  Maybe check out a different site this year and see what they have.  If you don’t have a photo you want to use, schedule that or heck, while you are doing the first action item, find some photos from this year and use THOSE for your card.  If possible, order these cards now, when you have a few more minutes and money.  In December, it isn’t just time that gets crunched…that cash gets short, too.  While you’re at it, order some stamps.
  4. Get crafting!!  I am your typical weirdo who seems something they like and thinks “I could make that!”.  Sometimes I do, most times I quit halfway through because I ran out of time or interest (usually time).  Take this time now and make those things!  Get the gingerbread kit and make up a house or a village.  Make a bunch of Christmas tags or cross stitch an ornament for your grandma.  If you do this now, not only will you enjoy it more, but you get to enjoy a little holiday cheer without anyone else having to know.
  5. Clean out the Christmas boxes.  I have kept decorations for years that I never really liked just because someone gave it to me.  Let that crap go, people!  Whether you go through all of your boxes or just the ornaments, bring yourself a little joy this holiday season and give away the stuff that you don’t love or doesn’t make you happy (ok fine, permission granted to ask the other people you live with if it is important to them).  Remember, the thrift store does not want your stuff AFTER the holidays.  Now is the time to haul up a couple of boxes, set aside the snowman you won at a work party in 2011 and take that stuff away.  While you are at it, grab a little window cleaner or a microfiber cloth and make sure everything looks shiny and clean.  You do not have to put anything up right now, just make sure it is ready to go.  And if you are over putting up the elaborate mantel you do every year, now is the time to get rid of it and find something else or *gasp* go minimal.  You do you, guys.

Little things do matter.  Take some extra time in this holding pattern of not quite the holidays but pretty stinking close, and get these items knocked off your list.  Santa might just reward you under the tree come the Christmas morning!

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