About US

Do you feel like in a world where goldfish crackers get recalled you need to cultivate a closer relationship to your food?  Are you fascinated by off-the-grid homesteaders but don’t know how incorporate it into your life?  Maybe you love to watch those tiny house shows just to see how they do it?  Two Sisters MN follows the Crows on their off the grid homestead adventure in a tiny house and the Peaches, who are living a more traditional lifestyle with a back to basics bent.

This space is unique because our situation is unique. We are two sisters living in Minnesota, who have very similar interests but very different approaches.

Dee, the wise elder

On one side you have Dee Peach: a stay-at-home mom with three kids (ages 15, 13 and 11). Denise and her clan live in the suburbs of the Twin Cities in what they lovingly call The Peach House (so dubbed because of the color of it when they moved in), living the traditional dream. They have a quarter acre lot near a busy lake and spend most of their time parenting their darlings. Dee and Mr. Peach have been renovating their fixer-up for the past 4 years (when they moved in) and creating a micro-orchard and garden on the property. Dee has been home since the first kid was born and enjoys gardening, baking, traveling, reading and spending money on things, to name a few.

croLin, the crazy youngin’

Lin Crow is on the other side and works part-time on social justice issues in Northern Minnesota with Mr. Crow, who is literally tending the home fires as they live off the grid in a little 400 square foot home. They have spent the last 10 years slowly building their homestead (which they call The Crow Homestead) and working towards self-reliance on their zone 2, seven acre property. Lin is also a gardening enthusiast, reader, loves to draw floor plans and detests shopping of most kinds, save thrift stores and garage sales.

We hope you enjoy reading about the things we love and love to do and our differing takes on those things. We want this space to be a place that encourages collaboration and community, so please comment and share, and thanks for stopping by!