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    One Cut of Meat = Three Meals

    The Crow Homestead does not have electricity so keeping our food from spoiling can get pretty complicated.  It takes some planning and one of the main issues is ensuring meat is used quickly and very little is wasted.  Regardless if we get our meat from the grocery store, or from the woods we generally need to consume it within three days.  We have found a good plan that has us eating like kings while wasting very little, and I thought ….why not share this easy, efficient and satisfying plan with others?!?  Please remember when we buy meat we always buy it WITH bones… none of this boneless, skinless meat for…

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    Animals on the Crow Homestead

    We love our animals and they make our lives SO much more enjoyable!   Now…. Since we live off-the-grid and want to be as self sufficient as possible we expect everything to earn it’s keep.   Our Animals included! Here is the menagerie of beings that make up the Crow Homestead: DOGS Our Boris is the watchdog. He likes to stick by the house and never strays when he is out with us in the woods. He is big and strong, but he knows the chickens and ducks are off limits and almost always keeps the desire to chase them at bay. He is a rescue dog who was 9…