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    A Micro Orchard in the ‘Burbs

    I love gardening in theory, but I am fairly terrible at it in practice.  I am all raring to go come March, April and May…but once the temps and humidity start soaring, my interest plummets.  Add to this kids being home for the summer, an increase in activities, gatherings and just plain socializing, and any lofty goals I have quickly fall to the wayside. Enter my love of fruit trees.  Growing up, our parents had several apple trees, and I loved picking them in the fall and all the different pies and bars my mom would make with them.  It also seemed like an unusual thing, since not many of…

  • Gardening

    Homestead Journaling

      Let’s just start this off with a confession, I have an obsession with journaling…..I blame the film The English Patient, I have dreamt about the journal from that flick…. with it’s leather cover, drawings and journal entries! I kept a consistent diary from ages 16-21, and I have annual notebooks from every year we have been living off-the-grid (2008-2018).  In those notebooks,  I make life plans, lists, notes from books I’m reading or programs I listen to, meal plans and list the goals I try to attain.  But the most treasured of all is my homestead journal, one that I have been keeping since 2008.  A homestead journal is…