Father’s Day Gift Guide

I don’t know about you, but guys are the WORST to buy for!  My husband rarely has any idea on what he wants, or if he does, he tells me about them the day before a holiday!  Too late, buddy!!  And my own dad is at an age where he has everything he wants, or if he doesn’t, he just buys it!  Men.

I do have a workaround, though.  I keep a list on my phone, where I add ideas my husband gives me, or if I see something randomly, I will add that, too.  On that note, let me share with you some of those ideas I am looking at for 2018.

Refined Ideas for Father’s Day: these are maybe more high end items, for those with a bigger budget

  • Golf Watch – Both my dad and my husband are avid golfers.  We bought my dad a golf GPS a number of years ago that he still loves, but my mom tells me that it is getting harder to find courses because the technology is outdated.  Ding ding, looks like I may have found a replacement!
  • Men’s Suede Jacket – my husband likes to don a nicer jacket for date night and this one might just need to find itself into our closet!
  • Apple TV 4K – we recently got a 4k TV and have been flirting with getting this, too.  Or getting one for the bedroom.  Either way, one of these babies might be making their way to our house soon!

Rustic Ideas for Father’s Day: these are mainly lower cost items, or fun additions to a bigger gift

  • Wallet – my husband likes a minimalist wallet, and this one he has already bought twice!  It holds a few cards and has a clip for cash while fitting easily into his back pocket.  Under $30, what more could you ask for?
  • Large Ice Cubes and Whiskey Stones – my guy likes these because they don’t water down the good stuff when he just wants a good whiskey to relax with.
  • Dad shirt – this shirt says “Dad” in binary code and my computer husband loves it.  It is like a secret language only some people understand!
  • Chocolate Covered Bourbon Gummy Bears – these could be a rustic or refined!  Sure, its spendy for a treat, but it is also a little fun, and doesn’t dad deserve that on his day?

Just some fun ideas!  What kinds of things do you like to get your dad or husband for Father’s Day?

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