Favorite Planet Friendly Items

I realize that we are in the middle of talking about minimalizing your life and house and here I am talking about more things to buy. So I want to make it clear right up front that some of these items should be considered when you are replacing what you already have. No need to be wasteful and ditch stuff…that isn’t good for the environment!

With that being said, the world is a wonderful place to live right now, full of beautiful AND useful products that are also ecological. This is by no means an exhaustive list, just things I use everyday and am very pleased with.

Without further ado…..

  1. I feel like most people have reusable shopping bags (whether or not we use them or remember to use them is another thing!) but do you have reusable produce bags? I really love mine, and I have two different sets. This set is nice because it comes with its own storage pouch and has different types of bags for different items, whereas this is a nice, fairly low cost set that works from anything to nuts to lettuce. For me, it is important to have a lot of them, because then I always have a few in my car (inside my shopping bags) ready for the store!
  2. We have a Keurig and I really love using it. The kids make hot chocolate, cider, even tea, and my husband and I both use it every morning. I do feel terrible about all of the waste it produces, however, so finally got a reusable k cup to help with that. I have also used compostable pods in the past, but I think this is a much better option.
  3. I bought these suckers for the dryer many years ago, still have the same ones and they still work great! Probably going on 5 years? I do use 1/2 a traditional dryer sheet when it gets cold in the winter (it eliminates static on the clothes, which I haven’t found a good alternative for yet) but I bought a box about 4 years ago and it is still half full. I call these a win. I also heard you can put drops of essential oils on them for some scent, but have never tried it.
  4. Everyone is on the straw wagon these days, and for good reason! Most people use the stainless steel straws, and while we have some, I really dislike them. They don’t clean well in the dishwasher (not even sure if they are supposed to go in there at all) and so are a pain to clean by hand, plus I hate how they feel on my teeth. I have yet to try a paper straw that stayed firm after 3 minutes, so those are out. Enter biodegradable straws! I bought them last year and love them. They feel much like plastic, without the problems of plastic. Added bonus, they aren’t individually wrapped (more waste we don’t need!). Anyway, if you feel like I do about reusable straws, give them a try.
  5. I have tried so many different products for my kids’ lunch boxes. They really hate the reusable bags, because after awhile they smell and are very difficult to clean. I don’t trust them with my glass storage containers (unless they invent cheap tracking devices for them first) and I am really trying to limit single-use plastic. Enter these darlings. Yes, it still produces trash. It is a better choice for us, I didn’t say it was perfect. When I bought them in the fall, they were the only ones I saw in the aisle at Target, but when I was there earlier this week, I saw they had another brand as well (picture below). Yay!

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