Gift ideas for gardeners

I am horrendous at giving gifts and cannot possibly give you any direction on how to be a wonderful gift giver….that is my sisters area of expertise.  But what I’m very qualified to give you is recommendations on gifts a gardening enthusiast will LOVE!  So just for you I have gathered a variety of gift ideas any gardener will love, for any price point!

Gifts up to $25

In the dead of winter what does every gardener escape to….Books!! Here are two ideas that truly rocked my gardening world! You can give either of these books to a veggie gardener with confidence.

Beginner:  One of the very best books for a beginner is square foot gardening.  For under $20 you can give the gift of a book that can revolutionize how someone gardens by increasing yields while decreasing the work!

Intermediate: This book will give a gardener in a cold climate so much hope for extending their harvest! four season harvest  shows how with unheated crop protection us gardeners in the north can extend harvesting from our garden by months!

If books aren’t your thing here are a couple of other ideas:

It is hard to keep all of our plants straight and reusing popsicle sticks doesn’t quite cut it!   These  plant tags are stylish, functional and super affordable coming in at $12 for 60…heck they might be just the stocking stuffer you are looking for!!

Gardeners get their hands dirty and the constant washing can lead to some very dry skin.  I personally love Burt Bees and their  hand lotion is amazing…plus at less than $10 how can you beat that?!

Gifts $25-$50

Another book idea is really for the hard core gardeners out there is The resilient farm and homestead. This book dives deeply into permaculture and can take gardening to a whole new philosophical level!

Gardens begin with seeds and one of the best seed companies out there is Bakers Creek Heirloom Seeds.  Order up their whole seed catalog for $10 which is the most beautiful and extensive seed catalog out there and then get a gift certificate for any amount that works for your budget.  No matter if your gardening loved one is into flowers or vegetables they will be able to find something they will love!

Harvesting the fruits of their labor is one of the best moments for a gardener.  With this beautiful and functional harvest basket It makes the task even more enjoyable.

Gifts $50 +

Why not give the gift that keeps on giving for 20 or more years…. a tree!  Order up the free catalog  from Fedco a very dependable company and then get a gift certificate for the amount that works for you, but I recommend a minimum of $60 as most fruit trees cost around $30.00 and some trees must be planted in pairs.

Cloches are something many gardeners would love to have, but would rarely splurge on for themselves.  They are so handy to create little microclimates for tender little seedlings.  I would love to have one or three of these guys around my garden!

There are some ideas for all of you out there trying to get your holiday shopping all wrapped up!  Now go out there  (or sit on your couch in your PJ’s) and get that holiday shopping done!



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