Homesteaders Goals

A 2019 review and 2020 plan

It is a great time to look back AND ahead….so let’s get to it!

Peach House Goals 2019 edition:

  1. Complete the courtyard in our front yard. DONE!
  2. Install maintenance free decking on the front entry. Not done. It was a very rainy summer, plus we took a vacation in August that wasn’t planned when I made this list, so we ran out of time. It is slated for the spring!
  3. Finish the front entry project. This hit a major hurdle and frankly, not sure when we will be able to do it. We found out that we have plumbing going through the closet we want to take out…so it is all on hold for now.
  4. Install hardwood flooring on main level. DONE!! And it is fantastic!
  5. Getting a sectional couch. DONE!!! Also fantastic!
  6. Putting a floor to ceiling bookshelf in our family room. Not done. Mr. Peach is hesitant and I need a clearer plan. Maybe this year?
  7. Our basement organized and decorated. HAHA Not done. It really needs to be at least organized.
  8. Clean out my devices. I have been working on this, although it isn’t done.
  9. Grow this blog more. I mean, it is going well and up. Probably a constant battle.
The making of our courtyard. And you can see how bad the decking is leading to the front door!

Wow, early 2019 Denise thought she would have a lot more time or maybe thought she would be more motivated? That list was fierce!

I would like to say, I know everyone has a view on resolutions this time of year, and lots of people hate it. I love a good list, ADORE planning, and frankly like to use this as a guidepost for me throughout the year. Yes, I change things. Yes, things get shoved aside. But I like looking at what I thought the year was going to pan out to be and how it ended. I don’t stress about it…its all made up in my head. So hey, you do you and I will do me.

Peach House Goals for 2020

Outside the House

My garden and me, in our full glory
  • Get my garden in sooner. The wall-o-waters make this more possible, as well as starting our own seeds. It is dependent on weather, however.
  • Do better harvesting and succession planting. To be honest, this is always my goal and I am terrible at it. However, I am making strides every year and that’s all I can ask for!
  • Landscaping in the backyard along the fence. It will finish off our yard!
  • Expand the garden. This one may be tough as I don’t think my husband is quite on-board, but I would love to double it (maybe not this year but in general. Also need to assess sun levels.)
  • Add 3 ornamental trees to replace the trees we took out.
  • Maintenance free decking on the front porch. Holdover from last year, but it really needs to get done.

In the House

  • I would like to do something with the front entry. We have been talking about putting in the new floors and maybe some cabinetry. I would at least like a plan for this.
  • Paint the window trim. With the new floors came new trim and I am excited to dig into this soon!
  • Finish Mr. Peach’s office. It is close, but it will be so good when it is done!

Personal goals

I struggle with creating new habits, so I am taking a course on getting myself in order, frnakly. My kids are testing their wings and will be leaving the nest very soon, and I need to find out what that is going to look for for me.

  • Write more. I have been trying to write a book for a thousand years. I struggle with carving time out for it and this year I want to start that.
  • Video organization. My eldest graduates high school in 2021, and I have grand plans for videos for the party.
  • Putting myself out there more. With this blog, with my life. Definitely not definable, but something I NEED to do.

Crow Homestead Goals from 2019

Look at that beautiful cord wood!
  1. Install at least one hoop house. We didn’t accomplish this one. Mr. Crow and I cannot seem to agree on how we want to construct the hoop houses. I plan on diving deep into the research and finding hoop houses that we can go visit together so we can move forward planning and building in the fall of 2020.
  2. Add to the orchard. Success! We added elderberry and choke cherry bushes.
  3. Mulch the paths in the garden. I will not count this as a failure. We didn’t mulch because I changed my mind about the paths. After doing more research on permaculture, I realized I desperately need more green compost material. In 2019 we let the grass, clover, dandelions and other wild plants grow up 12″-18″ then wack them down and add their wonderful nutrients into our compost. It works slick, but I still need significantly more green for my compost.
  4. Add to the livestock. This was kind of a success, we did not add a new type of animal. Instead we hatched our first eggs on the Crow homestead, adding 3 Khaki Campbells to the flock.
  5. Finish the house we started building in 2015. We made a lot of progress but “finish” is a strong word! We added and stained cabinets in the kitchen, painted the walls, retooled our vinyl collection storage, installed lockers in the entryway, set up a music studio and a temporary desk area for me… But still lots to do!
  6. Put up cord wood. Done!
  7. Buy a new smart phone. Done!
  8. Start packing food for when I’m out of town for work. Habits are hard for me to form. I made definite progress in this area, but fell off the wagon several times. I have found the meals that work for me and now I have a streamlined plan that makes things pretty simple. So I’m going to give myself half credit here.
  9. Be more social. This goal was not achieved… I traveled more for work so technically I was more social as I saw my family more in 2019. But ultimately we did not make progress in this area. Making new friends in adulthood is hard!

2020 Crow Homestead Plan

First off I’d like to say I think most goal setting is bullshit. We set ourselves up for failure and disappointment. But this year I’m going to tweak how I do it to maybe be more successful.

I listened to this program and took the time to reflect on my personality and how I’m most successful. I am someone who thrives with a plan, I’m more successful with moderation and when I have someone who checks in with me and gives me verbal praise when I succeed. I took my ideas and created specific goals. I’ll be sharing my progress here on the blog and Instagram ( so please remember verbal praise motivates me 🙂 .

In the Yard

  • Add two more cold frames. Last year was our first year using a cold frame and I loved it! I want to have three so I can rotate crops and keep diseases to a minimum and keep the soil healthy. We will also make them rodent proof as something ate all my winter carrots.
  • Build a new poultry coop. This will be the third one we have built and damn it we are going to get it right this time!! It will be a breeze to clean, the eggs will be easy to harvest, there will be a spot where we can separate out broody hens and give them extra protection when they raise the little ones and it will be ermine proof.
  • Rebuild the flock We have lost almost our whole flock to predators, old age or our dinner plate. In 2020 we will get new chickens, ducks and try turkeys for the first time
  • Use fabric row cover. All my bok choy, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower and kale was decimated by pests last year. In 2020 I’m going to cover the seedling the moment they go in the ground and protect them from day 1!
  • Add to the orchard. This year I want to try and build swells in the orchard and add Apple and Pear cider trees. I will also need to replace one apricot that looked like it had died last year.

In our Home

  • Move fireplace. Right now our fireplace chimney has two 90 degree turns in it and that makes starting a fire on a cold day VERY hard. We are going to shift the cookstove down about 12″ so we can have the chimney straight the whole way up.
  • Add stairs to entry patio doors. We need to start taking our shoes off right when we enter the house. To do this we need to rework the traffic pattern in the house. By adding steps to the patio doors we will be able to access the back yard and the front yard from our entry. This will allow all of our shoes, boots, coats, winter gear to be easily taken off right when we enter and stored. This will be heaven!
  • Install flooring. Right now we just have the subfloor in and need to move the fireplace before we can do the floor. I’m very exited to have a nice floor that is easy to clean and the house will finally look “finished”.


  • Make a 5 year plan. We have been contemplating moving and starting a new homestead. We have a new kind of mining moving to our community and we have some concerns about the possible impacts to the environment. Also gardening and living off the grid in Zone 2 is hard. Really, really hard. So moving somewhere a bit warmer might allow us to live this lifestyle into our golden years.
  • Pack healthy breakfasts and lunches for all work days. This is a repeat from last year, but it is an important one. This only habit I’m putting on this list and I will need to do some things to make this work.
  • #1 Meal plan breakfasts and lunches and add ingredients to grocery list
  • #2 Pack food for week on Sundays
  • #3 Find a work buddy to provide some accountability and provide verbal praise. Never underestimate the power of a nice ” Good job” to keep a habit going!

So, if you are a planner, list maker, or resolution decider, what is on your plan for the new year?

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