How to Host an Easy, Breezy Holiday Party

I really love planning parties. I love adding little details to make it memorable, trying new recipes and just gathering ideas, even if I never use them. I really should have been a party planner, to be honest.

But as I get older, and my time gets abbreviated, I have looked towards streamlining my hosting duties. I don’t to sacrifice ALL of the things I love about having a party, but I am trying to be a little smarter about how I incorporate them.

  1. Do 1 or 2 “special” items – Make a unique cocktail, or fancy appetizer. Put together one of those giant charcuterie boards that have been sweeping social media. Make a huge selfie area, complete with props. Prepare something that will stand out and wow your guests.
  2. Keep everything else easy – buy pre-cut veggies for a platter. Or heck, get an already assembled platter! Don’t bother juicing 10 oranges for mimosas…buy a carton! Make as many pieces ahead of time as you can. Not only will nobody notice…nobody expects you to do it all. So give yourself a break.
  3. Serve crowd-pleasers – I always want to try new and interesting dishes when I entertain….but they don’t always work out. After your 1 or 2 extraordinary dishes, keep the rest of the menu easy and generally palatable. That way, there will also be less to clean up afterwards, because everyone will eat it all!
  4. Host early in the season – this tip is specific to this time of year, but applies to a couple others as well (ok, Halloween is all I can think of right now). By having your party earlier in the season (and getting your invites out early, too!), you have a greater chance of people being available and in the mood to party (instead of being stressed and filled with lots of other obligations).
  5. Keep the guest list manageable – this one is especially tough for us, as we love a good party. But keep in mind the size of your entertaining space as well as other things like budget, and your own personal ability to juggle a crowd. Sometimes, less is more.

Hopefully this helps you if you are having a shin dig this month, or even in the future!!

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