One Cut of Meat = Three Meals

The Crow Homestead does not have electricity so keeping our food from spoiling can get pretty complicated.  It takes some planning and one of the main issues is ensuring meat is used quickly and very little is wasted.  Regardless if we get our meat from the grocery store, or from the woods we generally need to consume it within three days.  We have found a good plan that has us eating like kings while wasting very little, and I thought ….why not share this easy, efficient and satisfying plan with others?!?  Please remember when we buy meat we always buy it WITH bones… none of this boneless, skinless meat for us!

Roasted Rabbit with Glazed Carrots and Au Gratin Potatoes

Day One: Roasted Meat

Ideally this is our Sunday night meal.  We slow cook the meat for several hours until it is falling off the bone. We serve it with a vegetable, potatoes and some gravy.  It makes the house smell amazing, it fills our belly in a deeply satisfying way that only comfort food seems to do, it sets up for two more days of delicious dinners, and also creates some leftovers for me to bring to work for lunch!

Day Two: Shredded Meat

Because it is just the two of us we always have meat leftover from our roast.  On day two we make the bone broth we use for our meal on day three and while prepping all the ingredients for the broth we set aside the last of the meat left on the roast for our day two dinner.   We use this shredded meat to make enchiladas, potpies, stir frys, casseroles, tacos and hot sandwiches.

Kale, Carrots, Onions, Herbs Salt and Pepper for Bone Broth

Day Three: Bone Broth

On the Crow Homestead we make bone broth weekly, I view homemade bone broth to be a cornerstone for a well lived life and the wellness benefits of this golden elixir is now being backed up by science! We do many things with our broth like: one pot pasta’s, fried rice and all kinds of soups. What we really LOVE is our risotto! Warm, creamy and oh so satisfying! Risotto is one dish we could make weekly and never get sick of!

Risotto with Asparagus, Mushroom and Red Pepper

Mr. Crow is the hunter for the homestead and he harvests as much as possible from the woods out our back door. We enjoy grouse, venison and snow shoe hare. We are thankful to have this little chunk of wilderness and strive to find a balance to supporting our lives. When we do purchase meat we try to find local, sustainable meats. Even in this remote part of Minnesota I am only miles from super cool options like Bear Creek Acres which we buy at Trapline C-store.

2018 Two Snow Shoe Hares


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