Our Goals for 2019

The Peach House

The Peach House:

I usually do New Year’s Resolutions as goals, and do as many as the year is (so 19 for this coming year, not 2,019. And I have been doing this about 6 or 7 years, so I totally missed crushing the early 2000s). So, while personally I am still making 19 goals, for the purposes of the blog I am only listing half here!

  1. Complete the courtyard in our front yard. The Peach House was sorely lacking in curb appeal when we bought it, and every year we try to do something to make it better. in 2017 we painted the exterior of the house, 2018 saw a new, fancy mailbox and a complete overhaul of the landscaping around the mailbox and other side of our driveway. This year, we hope to tackle the front porch (next item) and create a courtyard space to the left of our front door, in an effort to draw a little attention to ALL OF THE GARAGES that seem to makeup 90% of the front of our house.
  2. Install maintenance free decking on the front entry. The front entry is a very long corridor with wood decking that gets hacked every winter from snow removal. So, instead of it looking like crap most of the time (we are not individuals who are able to re-stain yearly!!), we are going to rip it up and install maintenance free decking. It shouldn’t be TOO horrible a job, requiring about 15-20 8 foot boards. Just, ya know, finding the spare time is the biggest hurdle!
  3. Finish the front entry project. We updated our half bath downstairs 18 months ago, and when we did it, we bought enough tile to redo our front entry in the house with the same tile. Now it is a matter of finding time to rip apart that front entry (and there is an uncertain duct work that may provide a hiccup to our plans) and install the tile. We also have to come up with a new configuration to replace the waste of space front entry closet…but that is the last step and the easiest one, to behonest.
  4. Install hardwood flooring on main level – This goal ties in the the next two goals, in that this has to be done before we can do the other two. This would honestly be an end of the year project, so it might be a reach to get them all done in 2019. But it is a goal, not a deadline!! Anyway, half of our main level is hardwood flooring right now, and 80’s flooring that has turned yellow. We would like to strip it, have matching flooring (our current is a standard red oak floor that isn’t hard to match) put in our family room, and then it all stained the same color. We got a quote for it a few years ago, so we have an idea of the cost. Again, just a matter of how time and cash shake out this year. Also, we do not plan to DIY this, just because it is a big job and we don’t feel comfortable doing it.
  5. Getting a sectional couch. Ok, yes, it is one purchase, but it would really transform our family room! The room is an odd shape and it would really help to make it cohesive. Problem is, I have very very champagne and lobster tastes, so it isn’t cheap. But I want something nice and that will last, etc, etc, so if the floors get done, we are pulling the trigger on this.
  6. Putting a floor to ceiling bookshelf in our family room. The Peach House has 16 (ish, it hasn’t been verified) foot high ceilings on the main level, and my dream has always been to have a massive bookshelf with one of those ladders. Well, we would probably have to build a walkway as well….not really sure! But if we get the floors in, we are seriously looking at how to build that in. Not sure if we will DIY it or not, though.
  7. Our basement organized and decorated. The main living area in the basement is a rec room for the kids, and it has a bunch of storage for toys that they rarely use. We need to go through the toys, get rid of/store most of them and get more functional AND pretty layout down there. Painting the walls wouldn’t be a bad idea, either.
  8. Clean out my devices. My kindle library is a MESS, I download a LOT of free books and have a hard time remembering what I liked and want to keep and want to get rid of. I have started a system, and now I just need to move to the next part which is actually deleting and filing items. I also need to clear out the photos on my phone and get current with my photo books (last one was 2015. Ouch!). I have also digitized our old videos and would like to get kid specific ones together to play at their graduations. Jack graduates in 2021 so it is time to get started!
  9. Grow this blog more. I know, its too general, but Lin and I haven’t fully developed our goals for this space yet. And growing it scares me SO MUCH, but maybe 2019 is the year for me to grow a pair and step both feet outside of my comfort zone.
Crow House under construction in 2015

The Crow Homestead:

I always start the year with one a blank one of those black and white composition books. I keep my goals and lists in that for the year. I love looking back over the years and see the slow progress we have made in the last 10 years on out plot of land. So for 2019 we aim to…….

  1. Install at least one hoop house. We are in zone 2 and trying to be as self sufficient is impossible without crop protection. While we will never be able to grow tomatoes year round, we will be able to harvest something fresh year round with protection. Once the garden is complete we will have a non-heated green house, hoop houses and cold frames.
  2. Add to the orchard. We are slowly building an orchard with fruit that can survive our climate. In 2019 I want to add Elderberries, pear trees and more apple trees.
  3. Mulch the paths in the garden. The paths just get so out of control come July. This spring I hope to lay down some sort of organic material that will suppress the weed so I can see those nice clean lines of my raised beds!
  4. Add to the livestock we have. I’m exploring bees, goats and turkeys. I’m still trying to decide which one I’m ready to take on in the next couple of weeks so we can start planning and preparing.
  5. Finish the house we started building in 2015. I originally designed this structure to be a temporary house we would turn into art studios after building our “forever house”. However once we moved in I felt like the space could work for us for longer than just a couple of years (plus we were a little burnt out on construction projects). We need to tweak a couple things for this space to work for us for a while longer and then finish the floors, trim and decorate.
  6. Put up cordwood. This is Mr. Crow’s arena and every year he just gets wood for us day to day. I hate this as it means we are just one sprained ankle away from freezing. I want to head into the winter of 2019 with a shed full of dried wood. The good thing is he has finally exhausted the standing dried wood we have on our property and will be forced to cut living trees that need long time to dry for next year.
  7. Buy a new smart phone. My phone has many issues the worst being a broken camera, which is a major problem when trying to capture images for the blog! I absolutely hate shopping for technology. I have so many complicated feelings regarding smart phones and they all seem to bubble up when it is time to buy a new one.
  8. Start packing food for when I’m out of town for work. We do a great job always cooking from scratch on the Crow Homestead, But when work takes me out of town I end up eating fast food. I need to do some planning and prepping over the weekends to make sure I set myself up for success during the week.
  9. Be more social. We live in the woods and have little interactions with or adopted community. I work outside of the home and have my fill of human, but Mr. Crow doesn’t get many chances to interact with others. We live in an unusual area and it is filled with people who share our interests.

I suggest not looking at New Years resolutions as at To-Do list that never seems to get done….instead look at it as a time to reflect on where you want to head in the next 12 months. For me the planning is the best part of any project so I love to use the New Year to find inspiration and DREAM!

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  • Karen Johnson

    I vote bees! That sounds like an adventure. Though, if I were compelled to raise one of the animals on your list, I would have to choose goats. I enjoy milk and cheese and feel I would eat more of those products than I would have use for gallons of honey. I truly enjoy reading your posts, ladies. Keep up the good work.

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