Rethinking Hostess Gifts

Gift guides are starting to pop up all over the internet right now and I LOVE looking at gift guides.  I love finding new things or just the right gift to give someone.  I guess you can tell that gifts are one of my love languages.

As I look at hostess gift guides that have been making their way around my social media feed, I can’t help wondering what people are thinking when they make these lists?  Maybe it is because I live in the good ol’ practical Midwest, but I can’t imagine gifting someone a $40 platter as a hostess gift.  What are you trying to say with that?  It feels more like a “look at how trendy/rich/generous I am” sort of item, and less like “I thought of you when I saw this and want you to know how much I appreciate you scrubbing toilets in preparation for this dinner” kind of thing.

I really am not here to knock down other people’s choices.  I stand firmly behind the “you do you” mantra of life.  My message here today is that there are plenty of other ways to thank a person for hosting you than buying wine or an expensive trinket.  Give it a little thought and you will be amazed at how easily a great idea comes to you.

I would also like you to consider bringing a hostess gift this Thanksgiving to whomever is hosting you.  Even if it is your mom and you had to go over at 10 am to help out.  Or it is a friendsgiving where everyone is bringing something.  Because let me tell you, chances are real high that host or hostess has been stressed about how nice their kitchen looks or how best to fit 11 people around a table for 8 and the least you can do is acknowledge that with something.  Spreading kindness is never a bad idea.

So, on that note, let me give you a little help in the off chance you are still stumped at what to bring along next Thursday…

  • Gifts you can make.  
    • Christmas is just around the corner, and a lot of people I know have already started making their goodies.  Package up a small box of cookies or candies that you love and bring them along.  Some people don’t like pie and a cookie might just be the perfect ending to their turkey dinner.  Or your hostess might enjoy scarfing them down once everyone has left while she soaks in her tub.
    • Did you preserve some goodies from your garden this year?  Wrap a happy bow around that darling and hand it over.  Who doesn’t love a little bit of summer in a jar?
    • Is there something else crafty you have been busy gluing up or stitching?  Crochet a hat or scarf and tell them you hope they like it.  These tokens are heartfelt and always appreciated.
  • Practical gifts to give.
    • A cute Thanksgiving hand towel or seasonal soaps are cute ideas that don’t have to cost a lot.
    • Fun vinegars or oils can be found everywhere now.  Pairing up a couple you have had before and write a note how you used it is a nice touch.
    • Bath salts or bombs, especially if you know they like a nice soak is also a good idea.  Because after making sure every inch of your house is clean, a nice relaxing evening is definitely deserved!
  • Something you know they like.
    • Are they coffee drinkers?  Get them a bag of their favorite, or maybe a seasonal flavor or even your favorite beans.
    • Or heck, get them a gift card so that tomorrow they can splurge on one with a lot of whipped cream and a delicious scone.
    • Wine of course is a good option, especially if you know they like it.  Go a little extra and get a cute bag or something though, ok?

I hope this list is helpful to you and helps you next week!

I also feel the need to point out that these links are not paid or sponsored or anything.  Maybe someday, but for now it is alllllll just stuff we found that we like!

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