Streamlining This January

A new year is the chance to start something fresh, try something you have never tried before and to rid yourself of the crap that has been dragging you down. We thought it was a great time to do a little minimalizing in aspects of our lives as well, and to that end, maybe you were looking to do it with us!

We have devised a little 4 week system, starting January 7th, to streamline your life in 4 different areas: Food, Life, Stuff and Environmental Impact (still trying to think of a way to make that into one word). On our Instagram account we will be posting daily what we are doing and giving ideas and tips to help you out, so check us out at @twosistersmnand also on Facebook!

So next week, week 1 of our challenge, is going to be all about food! We are going to talk about planning meals, making meals out of what you already have on hand, cleaning out your pantry, and more!

Week 2 will be about decreasing your impact on the environment. We will bring tips to use what you already have in different ways, take a trip to the thrift store and discuss our favorite products to permanently replace harmful things you may be using.

The 3rd week will find us streamlining all of our STUFF!! Closets and storage areas and even our everyday spaces that can use a little help.

We will finish out the month working on making your LIFE more efficient for you. How to say no to things you don’t want to do, how be more efficient and productive with your time and other exercises to make 2019 your best year yet.

Please join us next week and let us know any things you are looking to make work better for you this year.

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