Target & Thrift Challenge -Winter Decor

Both of us enjoy sprucing up our spaces, and we thought it would be fun to to do some interior design challenges here on the blog.

Up first, we found an inspiration photo and are recreating our own version in our homes. Lin is a lover of the thrift store and Dee is more of a Target and Home Goods shopper, so we both headed to our favorite jaunts to see what we could find. bring home and work some magic. Here is the picture we found of a winter tablescape with a clean and simple look that we both liked and set out to recreate it in our homes.

This is our inspiration photo, from Jenna Kate at Home on Pinterest.

Lin’s Thrift Store Version

The first thing I do is look through my house and storage area for things I already have that is similar to the inspiration photo. For this modern winter tablescape I already had white dishes, silverware and a couple options for the glass vase.

Next, I pull together a shopping list. I needed gold candlesticks, white candles (two types), tables linen and napkins.

Hunting at the Thrift Store

Then it was off to the thrift store to see what could be found. Now, the #1 rule of thrift store shopping is you have to be REALLY flexible. First I tried to find the gold candlesticks, but couldn’t find a pair that would work. So I looked at the candles and found gold tapered ones! This allowed me to open up my options for the candle sticks to still get a similar feel compared to the inspiration photo. I was able to locate two crystal candle sticks that fit the bill and a nice pair of napkins. It was a total strike for any kind of place mat or table runner that could work, but luckily Dee was with me and she suggested we look at pillow cases. There was a nice striped linen that was perfect. I paid $17 for it all and brought my treasures home!

Thirst store haul

Once I got the items home I realized I’d really rather not cut the pillow cases, which was the original plan. They were really nice and I wanted to use them in the future, so I tweaked the design and kept the pillowcases in one piece. I did have to cut the napkins in half as there were only 2 at the thrift store and they were very oversized so it worked well. I like that I didn’t have to sew where I cut the napkin as it is a woven fabric I just frayed the edges.

I’m pleased with my end result and it is definitely not something I would have pulled together on my own. Downside: This inspiration photo was hard for me to recreate on my tiny table and I had to tweak it in several ways to make it all work. Upside: It was very little effort and cost under $20!

Lin’s Final Product

Dee’s Target Version

The biggest issue I had with incorporating the inspiration photo into my house was the blue colors. My living space has a lot of color, and admittedly some blue, but not exactly this aesthetic. Therefore, on my trip to Target, I was looking for doing something with a similar feel but in colors that worked in my home.

Imagine my excitement when the current line of Hearth and Hand with Magnolia was filled with the sort of stripey look of our inspiration photo!! Unfortunately, my local store only had 2 place mats, but I opted for the cute table runner instead!

I didn’t have any luck finding contrasting sort of napkins, but I stumbled upon these bar towels instead! I liked that they were a darker color, like our inspo, and had some of the texture as well.

I looked at the fake foliage Target was offering, but most of it was already moving into spring like items, so I opted to take some of the spruce tips I had outside in my planter boxes! I just pared down the branches so only the top few sprigs remained. Easy and free!

Finding a large vase was more difficult than I thought. There was a different one I initially liked, but ultimately decided on this one because I found a great dupe for the candlesticks, and the gold on the first vase was too much with the candle sticks (please note, I can’t find the set I bought online, but it was three sizes of the ones I linked). Threw in some other candles and I was ready to go!

Now, while my total was a *bit* more than Lin’s at just under $70, I think it is a fun refresh that is widely available to everyone! But really, Thrift or Target, you can’t deny that we knocked it outta the park!

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