What I Am Looking at This Black Friday

Admittedly, I am bonkers for shopping.  Honestly, Christmas is partly so wonderful because shopping is practically a requirement!!  So, clearly, this is my Superbowl World Series NBA Finals, with Black Friday being the first playoff game.  But instead of listing every Black Friday deal I can find, or rounding up a million things I think you could be interested in, I am going to let you inside my madness and take a peek at what I am buying (or really want to buy but my husband reads this and so I guess I can’t buy it all).

Tech Things – this is always a big list in our house, partly because it gets my husband super excited and also because we have teens and tweens, so we usually end up spending bunches here.

  • The Ring – The doorbell with a camera, you know the one.  I am allergic to answering the door, so a camera right there is very appealing to me (I think Mr. Peach likes being able to spy on the house when we aren’t home).  It is on sale at a bunch of different retailers, like Target and Kohls, and we haven’t decided yet which one we are going to get it from.

Things for the kids – their list is getting smaller and my youngest is really the only one who likes toys anymore, so this is not as bonkers as it was a few years ago.

  • Old Navy – (already started) 50% off everything.  I buy most of the kids’ clothes here, and I usually buy them clothes for Christmas, so naturally I am buying them now.  My trick for shopping with teens is this: I don’t take them shopping!  I go through the site, add what I think they will like, then have them look through and delete what they don’t want.  Then I order it!  We have been doing this for a couple of years and it is so easy!
  • Jack is almost 16 and ready for a razor, so I have been looking at a few of them, like this one at Target or this one at Kohls.  I need my husband to vet them first.
  • Costco has portable phone charges for $30 ($10 off), which includes a charging cable (no link because you do have to be a member to buy it.  With 5 phones and several ipads in this house, someone is always charging and we use the heck outta these!  Would be good for a teen stocking stuffer.

Selfish Needs, Wants and Desires – I sometimes go really crazy on myself this time of year.  Trying to rein it in this year, so hopefully this list won’t expand much.

  • Sephora is having some really fun gift sets on sale that I would love to buy.  The jury is still out on if I will be naughty or nice on these yet.
  • Ulta is also having random things on sale, like this PMD set (I used to have one and LOVED it, sooooo maaaaybe I should get this one) for $99.
  • Madewell – They are offering 25% with the code DEALWITHIT.  I recently bought my first pair of jeans with Magic Pockets and am now in love.  I may have already snagged another pair using this code.
  • Anthropologie – They are offering an extra 25% off sale items.  I like shopping for other people here, as well as oftentimes adding a thing or two for myself.
  • Several department stores, like Macy’s and Kohl’s, have silverware sets for sale.  My kids have taken so many spoons to school and left them there, and now the knives are starting to wander off as well.  I am considering just buying a fresh set for cheap and putting trackers on them all.

Stores I am visiting –

  • Michaels – They have a ton of coupons and great deals on so many items!  I need some Christmas decorations for some projects I am doing around the house, and I want to go in store to look around and see what I need.  Also, we have something that needs to be framed and they have 70% off custom framing orders.  They do have greater savings if you go Thanksgiving evening, Friday morning, etc.  We will see how motivated I am when the time comes to actually cash in those coupons, though.
  • Kitchen Window – this one is Twin Cities, MN specific, but it is MY VERY VERY FAVORITE STORE TO VISIT ON BLACK FRIDAY!!  It is a kitchen store, much like William Sonoma, but they do cooking classes upstairs (I have done several and they are AMAZING).  On Black Friday, if you spend $40, you can go upstairs where the chefs have been/still are preparing brunch items.  They have mimosas (they cost extra) and coffee and recipes available for the things made.  It is SO MUCH FUN for foodies like me and I try not to miss it.  Go to their website for their coupons.  It is the very best!
  • I may check out some local shops around my town, depending on energy levels.  I really do believe in supporting small business Saturday, and therefore plan to visit some of the shops in my town, as long as some wonderful ones (like Carver Junk Company) which is close by.

That is what I have planned for now, however as I scroll throughout social media this week, I am sure other things will end up coming home with me.  I hope this was helpful to you a little bit!

And as per usual, none of this is sponsored nor is it an affiliate link!  Thanks!!

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